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Video – The Future of Marketing


Video – The Future of Marketing

Check out this great article posted on the reelseo website.    Aside from the fantastic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefits of utilising video in your marketing, the article mentions how digital is fundamentally changing marketing by empowering marketers with technologies that enable real-time, bi-directional conversations.

The author, David Thibeault Sr says:

There’s so much going on in consumers’ 24/7/365 always-on, always-connected lives that they have precious little attention to give. Marketers have to do something to get above the noise that has become the digital world. So they look for a solution, a way to grab attention.

Enter storytelling.


We can help you to utilise video to cut through the noise to reach your audience.  Call us !

Source: Why Video Is So Important To the Future of Marketing http://www.reelseo.com/video-important-future-marketing/#ixzz2aU6LGEmX
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