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10 Reasons To Use Video


10 Reasons To Use Video

I just read this great article called “10 reasons PR pros should use video” on the PR Daily website.  In the article, author David Murdico takes you through a list of 10 key ways that video is being used by PR professionals to help brands, businesses, organizations and individuals tell their stories.

He details the advantages of using video in Product Launches, Social Media Marketing, Online Content and much more.

At D’nM, our specialty is in covering live events.  David Murdico says:

Events. Although a single live event reaches only the people attending, social video enables PR teams to share the event with everyone. This increases the exposure of the event and of the brand, product, organization or personality. Events don’t always have to be real, either. Flash mobs are types of events that are staged and shared on Youtube and via social media.

Check out the full article here:


10 reasons PR pros should use video


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David MurdicoPosted on  5:50 am - Jul 31, 2011

Thanks for the mention!


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